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    Symbian Developer Certificate for VoIP application developers

    For creating standalone full duplex VoIP for S60 3rd ed devices developer are adviced to apply for two manufacturer grantable capabilities:

    1) MultimediaDD 2) NetworkControl.

    1) Multimedia DD is required for the Audio Proxy Server
    2) NetworkControl is required for setting the the WLAN Quality of Service(SetOpt call of RSocket). The following code snippet sets the Quality of Service of our WLAn connection as VOICE. iSocket.SetOpt(KSoIpTOS, KSolInetIp, 0xE0);
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    Re: SYmbian Developer Certificate for VoIP application developers

    I have a cetificate that have Multimedia DD capability , I have signed the "Streamer example" and tried to install it on E61 and E70 but it says during installation "unable to install" what is the problem there???
    Sajid Iqbal
    ASD, Accredited S60 Developer

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    Re: SYmbian Developer Certificate for VoIP application developers

    Where and how I can get DEveloper Certificate for MultimediaDD capability
    Dushyant Gaur
    Sling Media,
    cell:+91 9342276086
    email: dushyantg@slingmedia.com

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    Re: SYmbian Developer Certificate for VoIP application developers

    Register to www.symbiansigned.com. You need to have TC Trust ID or Verisgn Publisher ID to apply for manufacturer grantable capabilities.


    Symbian web site seems to have a problem currently if you do not have an existing account.

    Copy/pasted from the Symbian Signed website:

    Note: We anticipate NEW account registration will return in the near future. If you do not currently have an account and have a valid reason to have an account created, please send an email as follows to symbiansigned (at) symbian.com:
    Subject of email "Developer Certificate enable request"

    User name : request_account
    First Name Last Name:< your first name> < your last name>
    Application Name: < the name of your application>
    Application Version: < the version of your application>
    Company Name: < your company name>
    Company Address: < your company address>

    If you have any questions related to your Developer Certificate for S60 devices or any Symbian Signing related questions, good contact is "nokia dot testing at nokia dot com".

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    Cool Re: SYmbian Developer Certificate for VoIP application developers

    Dear Sir,

    we would like to deploy VOIP Mobility in a big company where more than 1000 employees are working. Please find below my questions for your kind consideration and action.

    1. We would like to purchase 1000 handsets of Nokia either E61 or E61i, which is recommended by you to use built in voip client?

    2. Where can we find the best and cheapest price for the above-mentioned handsets in the world? Because we would like to buy 1,000 handsets at a time?

    3. AT present we are using Fring application in our organization on all our Nokia 6680 handsets. Is it possible for us to change the name and logo of Fring application and use our own name and logo on their application?

    4. Nokia E61 enterprise device has a built in voip client to configure and use by service providers. We configured the settings to work with sipgate.co.uk service and it's working. But, how to insert our brand name and logo? Because we want to show our company's name and logo instead of others. is it possible?

    5. How to create an SIS. application that configures the Nokia client and send it over the air by sms?

    6.How to create a standalone full duplex VoIP client with Symbian C++ and what are the requirements?

    Your are all humbly and kindly requested to help us in this regard by giving the answers so as to deploy Nokia VOIP Mobility services.

    Please find below my complete address to be contacted:

    MOBILE NO. +919866464059
    E-MAIL ADDRESS: shaikh.bashaa@rediffmail.com

    Thank you and best regards,

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    Re: SYmbian Developer Certificate for VoIP application developers

    I hope that everyone has noticed the Symbian Signed changes:

    MultimediaDD and NetworkControl can be gotten from:
    * Testing purposes: Open Signed Offline
    * Sales purposes : Certified Signed

    So no need to go through manufacturer signing any more.


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