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Thread: Low mem test

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    Low mem test

    I am testing my application with LowMem utility and I always get a KERN-EXEC 3 int he begining of the process.
    If I increse the minimum heap to 37000 the test run correctly and all is fine, It gives me some low memory messages and the test finish with 0% fail and 0 memory leak.

    What is the minimum heap size for the test??? how can I avoid the Kern-Exec 3 when the heap size is 1024b ???

    Someone has certificated an application ? please what is the correct behaviour for this tool?
    Thank you

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    Re: Low mem test

    You must take into account that the system on the emulator needs some memory as well. If the amount of memory occupied by the system befor you run your software is about 7MB, assign 8MB (this is of course to be checked in Tools->Diagnostics)
    Krzysztof Kucharewicz

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    Re: Low mem test

    I had this problem before. The problem is caused by instantiation of an object at the end of AppUi::ConstructL(). After I move the construction right after BaseContructL(), the message disappear. It sounds weird, but it happened to me. For more information, please check my blog, http://mobile.antonypranata.com/2006...-signed-tests/

    Another thing, you may want to ask for wavier for this. Please check http://www3.symbian.com/faq.nsf/0/E7...3?OpenDocument for waive request.

    Antony Pranata

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