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Thread: m4a metadata

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    m4a metadata

    Hi All,
    I am trying to retrieve the metadata info from audio media files, mp3, m4a etc.

    In S60 3rd MR devices I can retrieve metadata for MP3 files using CMdaAudioPlayerUtility. However, this does not work for m4a files.
    Interestingly, in S60 FP1 emulator the same implementation seem to be working for m4a files as well.

    Can anyone suggest a good way to retrieve title, album etc from m4a files in S60 3rd MR devices? It would also be helpful if someone could point me to resources that will tell me how to write code to retrieve metadata from m4a files...


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    Re: m4a metadata

    Have a look into the metadata reader API that was include in the 3rd update API package, it propably does the work better.


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