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    Business Oppurtunity


    I am Madhusudhan, at present working and also working on my dissertation (MBA project work - MBA from TASMAC, Bangalore, INDIA affiliated to university of WALES UK). My dissertation topic is "Effects of brand building activity from GSM service providers on consumer behaviour".

    During the course of my dissertation work, I have observed unique consumer behaviour on mobile handset on which I have developed an IDEA. The IDEA can be developed into good business opportunity and the potentiality of this IDEA is not explored. I want to put forth this IDEA in front of the Nokia management and would like to seek help from them to develop this IDEA into a product.

    I would appreciate if the management would provide me an opportunity to present this IDEA at their convenient date and time.

    Expecting the reply at the earliest.

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    Re: Business Oppurtunity

    I moved this out of the Chinese discussion forum.

    Depending on if you want to create a product or just share an idea with Nokia there is this information. Other than these contacts I don't know of any other.


    Go to Nokia.com, select About Nokia then from the menu bar select Venturing http://www.nokia.com/A402999 From there click on Innovent and I think that is what you want.You may also want to look at some of the other things from the Venturing web page Venture Partners or submit a venturing etc.

    There are two mail addresses for idea submissions
    If you leave your personal information someone should contact you to hear about your idea.

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    Re: Business Oppurtunity

    Thanks for guiding

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