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Thread: About RTP APIs

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    About RTP APIs


    We are trying to write a VOIP client on Symbian OS 9.1.Dev platform is S60 3rd edition SDK( Carbide c++ express v1.0)
    We plan to use SIP for call setup and RTP for data transfer. But we need to know if the RTP APIs are avilable & already exist on the following mobiles:

    1- Nokia n80
    2- Nokia n90
    3-Nokia n93
    4-Nokia e60
    5-Nokia e61
    6-Nokia e65
    And if these APIs are not exist , are there the availability to be added on the previous mentioned mobiles.
    Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.


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    Re: About RTP APIs

    Hello, The phone listed above use Nokia RTP implementation. The RTP API plugin for 3rd ed SDK is here within the plugin package. Note this package is not for 3rd FP1 SDK.
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