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    Exclamation Help! I need advice about the E60/VOIP/NGAGE!!!


    I need advice about the E60. I live in the USA. Is it possible to use VOIP via and E60 in the USA? Which VOIP services are available in the USA for the E60?

    Is the E60 compatible with games for the NGAGE? Can the E60 play games designed for the Nokia 1100 or other monochrome Nokia phones of the past?

    Lastly, are there any good schools or courses that I cann find that will teach me how to code for Symbian or other mobile phones?

    I need advice. I need help! I love Nokia! I love mobile phones! I love everybody who can help me with my questions!

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    Re: Help! I need advice about the E60/VOIP/NGAGE!!!

    Hi, The E60 has been targeted at enterpise environment, and has Nokia VoIP 1.0 release. This relase does not support commerical VoIP services very well. It is possible to get it to work, you need to know your network very well. The biggest issue is NAT. If you WLAN does not use NAT, the E60 should work with commerical VoIP services.

    With that said, you can try a 3rd party apps and they seem to have gotten over the NAT issues.

    3rd standalone party apps: Fring.com, WiFiMobile.com

    For SIP Phone services that work well with Nokia VoIP 2.0 (E61, N80, N95...): Truphone.com, Gizmoproject.com

    As for learning S60 and Symbian, there are free eLearning courses you can take now.

    Forum Wiki also have a lot of sample code and howto articles.

    And thank you for the kind words to Nokia. I hope you continue to like our prodcuts.
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