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Thread: Lib poject

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    Lib poject

    I'm trying to create library for symbian 60 3rd. Using following set of tools (Windows XP, MS Visual Studio 2003 .NET, Carbide.vs 2.0.1, Nokia's S60 sdk 3rd FP1) Unfortunately there is no possibility to create Lib project within Visual stuido, because there is no such type in project rollout type for S60 3rd (there is sure one for S60 1st). So I've composed mmp file, and hoping to convert it through Visual Stuido->File->Import Symbian Project
    as written in http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Static_Library defining
    makes UID definition not needed anymore. Anyway, wizard warns me, of absence of UID, once I'm trying to import it.
    My mmp looks like:

    // OGLESTools.mmp
    TARGET OGLESTools.lib
    // Tools Code:
    SOURCEPATH		..\..\..\Tools
    SOURCE		PVRTFixedPoint.cpp PVRTMatrixF.cpp PVRTMisc.cpp PVRTTrans.cpp PVRTVertex.cpp PVRTModelPOD.cpp PVRTDecompress.cpp PVRTTriStrip.cpp PVRTPrint3D.cpp
    SOURCEPATH		..\..\..\Tools\OGLES
    SOURCE		PVRTPrint3DAPI.cpp PVRTglesExt.cpp PVRTTexture.cpp PVRTMiscBackground.cpp
    USERINCLUDE	..\..\..\tools\ogles ..\..\..\tools
    SYSTEMINCLUDE \epoc32\include
    SYSTEMINCLUDE \epoc32\include\libc
    What should I do, or what UID should I use?

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    Smile Re: Lib poject

    only applications and dll's need uid.
    there is no need of uid for creating lib.

    so u can go ahead with creating the lib without UID.


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