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    How to see logs in mobile

    I have developed a mobile application that encrypts and decrypts the contacts, events and todo data in mobile using Bouncy castle. This application works fine on Nokia series 60 emulator.
    I deployed this application on N72 mobile. It is not encrypting the data. And any error msg is also displayed. How can I check the loggers or execution in nokia mobile... Is there any tool to perform this. Or, Atleast let me know what is the actual problem. Why is this not working.


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    Re: How to see logs in mobile

    Regarding on device debugging, may be these links would be of some interest to you

    On-Device Debugging with Carbide.j 1.5

    MIDP: Debugging Basics (With Example)

    You can create your own custom logger using FileConnection API.


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    Re: How to see logs in mobile

    ODD is not available for you on N72, so you need to debug your code through some other means. Hard to say why the MIDlet fails.


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