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    Too Costly to Attempt ASD

    Per capita Income of India is 2500 `Rs means 31 £ or 58 dollar
    It is costly to attempt ASD by paying 100 £ which about 10000 Rs
    Symbian should take notice of this fact
    Microsoft certification costs about 2500-3000 in India
    Management of Symbian or Majinate or Nokia should re-consider about Fees of Symbian Certifications
    Application Developers are Paid salary of 10000 Rs on an average.
    It is considered as great Job.
    There are many Students, professional who want to attempt ASD..

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    Re: Too Costly to Attempt ASD

    you are right, most of the people can't afford such huge fees for certification, at least there must be some concession for company which are interested to certify there employee in group. Most of the programmer are interested to be ASD certified. Concern people should review about fees and make ASD exam available to most of the programmer.

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    Re: Too Costly to Attempt ASD

    I've forwarded your feedback to the person responsible for the "S60 Accredited Developer" program. The ASD however is owned by Symbian so there's not much we can do.

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    Re: Too Costly to Attempt ASD

    On the other hand the ASD qualification is worth something, Microsoft handed out so many certifications it is almost worth to use in screening.

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    Re: Too Costly to Attempt ASD

    Could you please stop spamming?

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