Could someone please tell me what is the highest camera resolution(s) supported for jsr135 getSnapShot() on the N95 phone ?

I have been having a lengthly discussion with JDoe in the related thread - jsr234 camera getSnapShot() on Nokia N95 - in the Media (Graphics & Sounds).

For my N95 (sourced out of Asia-Singapore) with original rom 10.0.018 2007-03-15, now updated to 2007-04-17, the highest resolution I can use is -


- however I can only write this to the filesystem ok - I cannot create an Image object from the returned byte array - getting an error dialogue 'Unhandled Exception, Close Application ? Yes No.

Whereas JDoe ( using N95 from Finland ) is able to use "encoding=jpeg&width=1024&height=768" ok and is also able to create an Image object successfully.

Best I can do successfully is -


( This is with no other applications running concurrently and using the default camera settings in the supplied Nokia Camera application ).

Any details / comments / suggestion appreciated.