I'm the author of IMDbPY, a Python package useful to retrieve information from the IMDb database.

Some years ago there was a Series 60 GUI for IMDbPY, written by Tero Saarni (that I thank for his work).
Unfortunately he no longer maintains it and so I've - with his permission - put the latest version on http://imdbpy.sf.net/?page=mobile

Since I do not own a Symbian phone, I'm here searching for a developer who is willing to take over the project or, at least, who wants to test the current version to see if it still works.

My minimum goals:
  • make the current version work.
  • write some short installation/usage instructions.
  • two or three screenshots.

  • an installer would be cool.
  • I've a set of unreleased patches that can speed-up IMDbPY on a mobile device, but I've not tested it and profiling it on a desktop machine reports unclear results.

The development can take place on the IMDbPY mailing list, so volunteers can subscribe it and post their ideas: http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/l...o/imdbpy-devel

Thank in advance!