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    Exclamation Hide Notify problem

    i have created a program that uses the MMAPI to play files from the memory and rtsp sites. The problem is that when i open the rtsp canvas the file doesnt play. as soon as i delete the hidenotify and shownotify code the program works fine. these functions work fine in the canvas for the memory player.

    all the hide and show functions do is call stop() and start() so nothing in the code seems to be the problem

    any help would be great

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    Re: Hide Notify problem

    I think I had a similar problem with hide and showNotify. In my case it appeared that the same thread was responsible for processing multiple events:

    public void hideNotify()

    The thread processes the hideNotify event and calls doSomething(). Unforturnately doSomething(), somewhere within the code, needed the same thread that was processing the hideNotify. I think the problem originated for a single thread and a single event queue. i.e. hideNotify() is first in the queue and processing, doSomething is second and doesn't get processed until the first item is complete and deadlock results. Subsequent events are not processed.

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