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    Playing .WAV file on mobile using JTAPI.

    Hi there,
    I am new to JTAPI. We want to develop an application where we have to call a mobile phone. Once he picks up/attend the call an .WAV file has to be played. I heard that this can be done using JTAPI. We were not successful. Can anyone tell us how it can be done.

    This is very urgent. kindly help me. Look forward to hear from you guys.

    Thanks & regards,

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    Re: Playing .WAV file on mobile using JTAPI.

    There is no phone out there as of now which supports Java Telephony API. So you cannot run your application on a real device.


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    Re: Playing .WAV file on mobile using JTAPI.

    hello Hartti,
    Thanks for your reply. But the thing is the application is not made for mobile. the application is developed using JAVA and it will randomly call any phone number and once the user attends teh call, the .WAV file will be played.

    You might have seen some promotional advertisements that comes to your mobile. I mean a WAV file will be played once you attend the call.

    Hope you have understood.

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