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    Angry N80: White screen of death!! Help required

    Is there any solution for the White Screen of Death problem?

    My N80 has been to a Level 3 Nokia Care Center but the problem came back again after a few days.
    Earlier it used to become white when the slider moved down. Now, its almost always white... Tried hard reset, soft reset and everything else. Even updated to the newest firmware (V 4.0707.0.7, dated 28.03.2007)

    Any suggestions to help my situation??

    Thanx in advance

    p.s: I really dont wanna dump the phone for somethin else as it cost me quite a fortune

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    Re: N80: White screen of death!! Help required

    I'd go back to the Nokia Care Center and request them to fix it once and for all (whether it is fixable or they must replace the phone or parts). Apparently it is not software releated, and definitely not expected or acceptable behaviour.

    And if it is due to broken hardware, fixing it through a web-based discussion forum will be somewhat challenging.

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