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    Application window "moves" with menu

    I have written an application that works in a similar manner to the Graphics example. In it's AppUi class's ConstructL() method it creates an instances of its Container class (View class in older EPOC releases) and this Container, in its ConstructL(), creates a window and sizes it to the size of the client area. It also creates a Bitmap which is later on blitted into this Window, in a similar manner to the method used in the Graphics example, using timers etc.

    However, I have noticed that if I start the timer and bitmap display using a menu that I have defined in my resource file, the position of the window into which the blit is done is *changed* so that it is at the same y position as the top of the menu from which it is launched.

    I cannot figure out the relation between the menu and the window and why launching my timer from the menu would cause the window to move. If I launch my timer from elsewhere then the window comes up in the correct place.

    The only real difference between my application and the Graphics example is that my application creates a window of the same size as the client but the Graphics example creates a window the same size as the screen.

    Any ideas?

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    RE: Application window "moves" with menu

    One thought:

    o When the menu 'disappears' after you select a menu option, the Draw method in your view will be called with the Rect that was uncovered. Make sure you are actually blitting either the whole either the whole image to the control's Rect() or the uncovered region of your bitmap to the rect supplied by the Draw function call.

    Hope that helps


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