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    Failure of MEM 02 (Failure of low memory during execution.

    I an using the tool "atl_s60_3rd_1_2_0_signed" to follow the symbian signing criteria.This tool pass all the tests except "MEM 02".The result is .

    FAILED MEM-02 Low Storage Memory During Execution.

    OK App can be run while storage mem is low & will not fill storage.

    OK Close app before test, in case running already.

    FAIL[/B] Running of app recording. Should not terminate unexpectedly.

    OK App can be closed gracefully within 15 s timeout.

    Can i send it for signing?
    plz help me out.

    Ajit Choudhari

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    Re: Failure of MEM 02 (Failure of low memory during execution.

    No don't submit, you need to identify what is causing your app to exit unexpectedly during execution when the memory is virtually full. Because ATL reports that the error occurs while running the steps you recorded this ought to be fairly easy to repeat.

    I would install the software on the memory card then fill the memory card with other "junk" files until it has zero space left. You'll probably need to use a card reader or maybe mass storage mode, I can't get PC Suite to fill the card. Then run through the same steps as you recorded in ATL to find when it terminates.

    Installing the ErrRd file so that you are shown the panic name and code will probably help - see http://forum.nokia.com/document/Foru...r_messages.htm

    If your app creates files when it is run it is worth doing this test both with a completely fresh install and from an install that has been run before, as each may have different fail modes.

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