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    Project not configured for UI designer error

    Scenario is as follows:
    1) I created a project with UI designer support
    2) I needed to import the project in a different workspace, but when I try to open one of the UI designer files, I get an error "Could not open the editor. Reason: project was not configured for use with UI designer".

    Is there a way to configure it manually? I can see 2 options
    1) continue working with resources manualy (I would hate do to that)
    2) recreate the project in the new workspace, recreate the UI dialogs with UI designer, migrate source files from project to project

    Is there a option 3)? Configure project so that I can use UI designer?

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    Re: Project not configured for UI designer error

    After project import the application.uidesign file should be located under project's root. Otherwise you will get the mentioned error.
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