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Thread: video/mpeg

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    When I call
    my Nokia 6630 returns many types and two of them are: video/mpeg and video/mp4.
    Under these circumstances I supposed it was able to play .mpg videos but it wasn't. Does anybody know where can I find information about the video formats associated to the standards mpeg and mp4?
    I though mpeg and mpg was the same, isnt it?

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    Re: video/mpeg

    Yes, "mpeg" and "mpg" mean the same thing, but MPEG standard(s) mean many others.

    Take a look at this video features table from Nokia: http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/reso...vid_table.html

    The MPEG is enclosuring many encodings and formats, but Nokia uses the MPEG-4 VSP (Video Simple Profile) encoding.

    I guess this document will explain you why it was choosen: http://www.mpegif.org/public/documen...-out-30037.pdf

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    Re: video/mpeg

    Wich programs can I use to encode an MPEG-4 VSP (Video Simple Profile) file or where can I get the codec, just cant find it.

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