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    Question help how to open the file SISX to get the file RSC?


    How do I break the program spread across SISX access to the file RSC?

    The aim of the amendment to the language program, for example, converted from English to French or any other language

    Before that I was able to break programs along with SIS the use unMakesis access to the file RSC and then I amendment to a Ruthenian programs (RSCTool or SISTool) and then at the conclusion of the amendment in Ruthenian collect Makesis file program,
    but now I am confronted with the problem of a mobile outreach programs JAR and SISX want Program to be used for opening files of this amendment for it

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    Re: help how to open the file SISX to get the file RSC?

    The straightest way is contacting the developer first, and see if she/he replies.
    The easiest way to get the resource files is installing the application on the memory card/hard drive, and check e:\resource\apps directory in USB mass storage mode. There you may also experiment with modifying/replacing the resource files this way, since they are not protected - I think.

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