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    C++ and Assembly


    Does anyone has any links (or examples) where I could find some examples and documentation about Symbian ASM programming.

    I already have a pretty good idea about it and know ARM assembly, but I can't find any sites that could show me the principles of Symbian ASM coding.

    I was just thinking same as x86, but in Symbian ARM ASM.


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    Re: C++ and Assembly

    IIRC in-line assembler is only possible in Symbian OS 9.x if you have the ARMv5 compiler, not GCCE.
    I'd imagine ARM have some examples.
    Symsource Ltd.

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    Re: C++ and Assembly

    Well, I just did a simple "Hello World" program in ASM. Compiled on 6.1 SDK.

    But there is some problems.

    I first wrote that program in plain C, then compiled it and saved the .exe
    Then I wrote the same program in inline ARM ASM, compiled it and saved the .exe

    Now the strange thing. I open 2 instances of IDA disassembler. I put C exe in one and ASM exe in other. They look EXACTLY the same. When I mean exactly, then I really mean to the tiny detail.

    But, when I run C exe on the phone I get a nice "Hello World, press any key..."
    When I run ASM exe on the phone I get million of scrolling "(" and then something like ">HD$ press any key...".

    Really strange. Exe's are 100% same in the disassembler (but C exe is 4 bytes bigger than ASM on disk), but they are not working the same way on the phone.

    I am still looking into it, but can't really find a solution.

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