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    providing Java2ME Midlets per WAP

    Can anybody give me a hint, how to publish jar and the specific jad file via wap.

    I think it should be the same way as polyphonic ringtones. there i have used COD files (server configuration: text/x-co-desc) and mid files at COD-URL: adress, COD-Type: audio/mid, but it doesn't work!!!

    Which Content-Type must be set for JAR Files or JAD Files??
    Do i have to use JAD Files instead of COD??

    There are no samples in Forum.Nokia Documents for Content Enablers

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    RE: providing Java2ME Midlets per WAP


    For downloading Java files you need to use JAD. COD is for other general content.

    MIME type for for JAD is "text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor".

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