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    Getting Operator domain

    Hello all,

    I need to write a program for car tracking system, I need to send the location from the car location to the central system using SMS (or any other idea). The problem using the SMS is that even if the midlet is signed the phone will ask for communication permision which is not desired. As per the PIDP standard, the only way to make this work is by getting operator domain or manufacurer domain.

    can any body please let me know how to get the operator domain? or there is any idea to implement the tracking system.

    thanx for any help.

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    Re: Getting Operator domain

    In general
    You need to contact the operator in question, sign some agreements and possible pay some money (basically become a partner with them)- the requirements vary from operator to operator. Most likely you also need to be representing a company, which can scale to support big number of users for your applications. This route is not possible for one-man shops.


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