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    Why does this call fail?


    I have a Nokia E65 using Brekeke Sip Server as a proxy server; another terminal registered off the Brekeke server is a Sipura 3000.

    I can succesfully call from the Sipura to the E65, but when I attempt to call the Sipura from the E65 the call fails upon the Sipura going off hook - The E65 displays on the screen "Internet Teelephone service not available" as soon as it receives the OK from the Sipura via the proxy. Any idea?

    This is the OK message which the SIPURA sends to the E65 before I get the above error message:

    Frame 30 (858 bytes on wire, 858 bytes captured)
    Ethernet II, Src: SunMicro_c4:0c:a6 (08:00:20:c4:0c:a6), Dst: Private_52:a7:80 (00:10:db:52:a7:80)
    Internet Protocol, Src: x.y.40.222 (x.y.40.222), Dst: x.y.37.157 (x.y.37.157)
    User Datagram Protocol, Src Port: sip (5060), Dst Port: 38358 (38358)
    Session Initiation Protocol
    Status-Line: SIP/2.0 200 OK
    Message Header
    To: <sip:4415414631@tuna.domx.domy;user=phone>;tag=77686507fe144b4i0
    From: <sip:4415414632@tuna.domx.domy>;tag=iiugsq6oblhc713dl79a
    Call-ID: neweqb2MoIdiGqDitJ3Iebj4_iSzKC
    CSeq: 1300 INVITE
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKqsogsq3c5dhc6kbcl792sst;rport=38358;received=x.y.37.157
    Record-Route: <sip:x.y.40.222;lr>
    Contact: <sip:4415414631@x.y.40.222:5060>
    Server: Sipura/SPA3000-2.0.13(GWg)
    Supported: x-sipura
    Content-Type: application/sdp
    Content-Length: 233
    Message body
    Session Description Protocol
    Session Description Protocol Version (v): 0
    Owner/Creator, Session Id (o): - 2960 2960 IN IP4 x.y.40.222
    Session Name (s): -
    Connection Information (c): IN IP4 x.y.40.222
    Time Description, active time (t): 0 0
    Media Description, name and address (m): audio 10016 RTP/AVP 18 100 98
    Media Attribute (a): rtpmap:18 G729a/8000
    Media Attribute (a): rtpmap:100 NSE/8000
    Media Attribute (a): rtpmap:98 telephone-event/8000
    Media Attribute (a): fmtp:98 0-15
    Media Attribute (a): ptime:20
    Media Attribute (a): sendrecv

    Any ideas? This is driving me nuts..

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    Re: Why does this call fail?

    You'd need to change settins at Nokia phone:

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