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    Exclamation Nokia Customer Service Scam - BE CAREFUL

    Nokia Customer Service Scam - BE CAREFUL

    If you have a brand new phone which is faulty. First the Nokia customer service lie to you that you can get a brand new replacement with fully sealed package and lure you to do the replacement which solve their legal obligation for faulty goods, then they give you a faulty products, which helping them to reduce the stock of faulty goods. At the end they refuse to do another replacemnt and be forced to repair at their repair centre. And you have to keep the faulty phone (may be fixed).

    My full story start with my new Nokia N95 Phone which bought 3 weeks ago. After I used for couple of days I found the slider get looser and wobbling a lot. For a phone with a high price tag I found that is not acceptable so I talk to the shop which I bought from. They told me I am covered by a 14 days replacement policy, but the phone have to be inspected by Nokia manufacturer before the replacement. ok. I accept the replacement and they took my phone and send off to Nokia for inspection. Up to this point normal people will think if they accept my phone as faulty I will get a brand new phone back.Right?
    But I was alert by the inspection and return process, what if they just fix it and clam that is a replacement or return with a refurbish phone. I asked the shop they said they don't know anything about the process inside the nokia manufacturer.Then I called Nokia customer service to make sure and that is the nightmare begin. I called to the the customer service centre and told them my situation, they reply and say the replacement will be a brand new phone in the fully sealed package like you buy in the market( I confirm with her 3 time). I was very happy and glad I bought Nokia phone which come with excellent customer service. I told the shop to go ahead for replacement which still within the 14 days and waiting for my new phone to come. I waited for 4 days and my phone is returned. But it is not in a brand new sealed package, it wrapped in a clear plastic bag and bubble wrap inside a small white cardboard box. The front screen and the front camera is protected with a hand cut sticker. I can see 2 minor scratches on the front screen after I took the plastic off and finger print on the main camera, and there is a scratches above the'3' key too. The worst is there is 5 light spots on the lens. This phone is obviously a refurbish one and it is faulty too. I called the customer service again, what they say is totally different, they say the 14 days replacement policy will keep the cover of the phone and change the whole electronic parts inside with new parts with different IMEI (they clam is new!!!). OMG, is that a replacement or totally repair??? God know what may happen during the process. Anyway, I told them the problems with the replacement phone and they refused to do another replacement and ask me to fix it at their repair centre. What the @#$!@#!!!! If I need to fix it I will do that at the first place. I paid that much money and what I expect is a fully functional phone with no problems, is that too much to ask?? And now I have my phone which I used for less then 2 weeks replaced which is faulty and forced to repair it at the end. Does that look like a scam to you!? first they lie to you that you will get a brand new phone will full sealed package and lure you to do the replacement which solve their legal obligation for faulty goods, then they give you a faulty products which may or may not be a new or refurbish one, helping them to reduce the stock of faulty goods. At the end you will be force to repair it their repair centre. I really lose trust to Nokia about the products, customer service and repair service now.

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    Re: Nokia Customer Service Scam - BE CAREFUL

    I'm afraid that you have came to the wrong place to voice a complaint.

    This discussion board is only for Developers support, not for Nokia products or end user application support. There are some localized Nokia product support forums and one that is monitored and where you can get attention and solutions is at http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/. If you post your question there you may get a response.

    But realistically if you want to make this known and have it addressed then the products support messages should be addressed at Nokia's online support sites http://www.nokia.com/support not here in Forum Nokia.


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