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    Unhappy Is there any other way to make a phone call without using platform request ?

    Hello every one ! I'm having some difficulties regarding using platform request. I'm developing an application that need to make call, and I'm having problems :

    - Sony Ericsson W850 and W880 for DTMF problem
    It cannot make DTMF calls, and some people say it's Sony Ericsson's bug.
    - LG Chocolate KG800 for platform request problem
    It throws ConnectionNotFoundException.

    I'm stuck for this problem. I already search over the internet but I found nothing that can solve this problem. Than I wonder is it any other way to make phone call from J2ME application without using platform request. I really appreciate all of the help that you can give me. Thank you.

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    Re: Is there any other way to make a phone call without using platform request ?

    No, there is not.
    Of course if the platform you are using allows installation of native applications (like Symbian C++ apps on S60 devices), you could have a native application running in the background and making the phone calls (as native apps have more capabilities) and your MIDlet could be connected to the native app using socket connection (see http://midpjni.com for more instructions for this workaround)


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