Hi All

I do not know if any of you out there have the same concern that I do, but I would be interested in any feedback. If anyone out there feels that this is not the correct forum for me to express this concern I apologize, but this forum is used by J2ME developers.

We have all invested time in learning how to use J2ME and developed applications using it.

Over the last few months I have noticed that more and more people are using Microsoft based phones. I have ported J2ME applications to phones such as the KJam and have found the JVM's such as Intent and J9 to not be compatible with what is running on Symbian based handsets. I have found that with some apps Intent works perfectly, while with others J9 works perfectly but the apps will not run when I switch JVM's (unless source code changes are made). Based on this I want to stay away from developing J2ME apps for Microsoft devices. I also do not want to move my development platform to Visual Studio.

The only catch is that Microsoft based phones such as the Symbol MC35 offer features such as using the phones camera to read barcodes. I am aware that JSR-257 exists, but no phone currently supports it. The J2ME sandbox is also a concern, I understand that it protects the user, but it also limits our applications.

I have been developing since 1981 and have watched how awesome operating systems such as Unix have been replaced by windows. I do not want to see the same thing happening in the Mobile market.

I understand that a lot must be done by cell phone manufacturers to give their handsets extra 'commercial' functionality, but I believe that there is also much that can be done by Symbian and Sun that can help the situation.

Does anyone out there share my feelings regarding this posting and if so what do you think can be done to remedy the situation.

I am going to post this on Sun's forum as well, to see if anyone there shares my feelings on the subject.