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    Themes and TextBox background


    I'm still very new to j2me development and have run into a problem which I can't find a clear solution for.

    Basically my application contains 4 textFields on a form but on certain nokia phones the themes the user has chosen for the device makes it nearly impossible to view the labels and contents of the relevant textFields.

    I'm sure there must be a "quick and easy" solution to this as most "content driven" applications make use of textFields as inputs? And thus this must be a common problem?

    Besides implementing my own customItems or Canvas is there a way to show some default theme during the 'lifespan' of your application? Or "hook into" the current theme to display the preferred backgrounds?

    What is the "industry standard" around working around this?

    Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

    Kind regards
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    Hi Chavezsa
    Please tell us on which handset you are doing testing or facing same problem.
    As while working on high level of J2ME for Nokia 3230 and Nokia 6600 it shows by default white screen.

    Feel free to ask any query!!!!
    Pooja Goel
    Software Engineer

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