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    Cool CommConnection, N80, E61.

    Hi All,

    I am using CommConnection to control COM port. ( to control physical
    COM port,
    not Bluetooth COM port )

    I am using Nokia N80 phone, this is S60 3rd edition firmware, and I
    have upgrade it to latest version.

    I use the CA-53 USB cable, should I change to other version ? (ex: DK-
    U2 )

    I download the serial port sample code from official site (http://forum.nokia.com/document/Foru...de_listing.htm)

    , it runs correctly on emulator, however, it doesn't luck on N80, I use another phone -
    Nokia E61, the result is the same, pretty bad.

    When I perform the java program, after phone ask " permit user using
    the io connection ?" when I press "yes" ( code runs to open com
    port ), it will be terminated immediately.

    I try to modify the com port number from 0 to 1, the program won't
    close now, however, I still can't access any TX or RX data. ( and
    phone will hang when I exit program )

    The all test results are all the same on E61.

    So far, I only saw a post that described it works on Dopod 818.
    Is any one can access Nokia's com port by Java ( or C is still deep
    appreciate!! )

    Thank you very much!


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    Re: CommConnection, N80, E61.

    You should use USB ports on S60 devices (COM ports cause crashes). There a new version of the CommConnection document coming out addressing this issue and also a known issue has been written for this, which should be published any time soon.


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    Re: CommConnection, N80, E61.


    Could you please recommend 1 phone that can work on Serial Port for sure ?

    Any model ( S40 or S80 ) is fine to me, I can buy them in the market, and I need to report to my company the model name, they will buy more 100 pcs for DEMO purpose.

    Appreciate for your help!

    Best regards,

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