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Thread: Access Point

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    Access Point

    Hi all,

    I have an application that performs some httpconnections: to get images, to do querys to a web server... My problem is that in spite of the device is connected to an APN (the KVM ask for the user for that), sometimes the KVM asks for APN again. I don't know if it can be managed of any way, to be asked the user only once. I mean to manage it from code (I think it is imposible because is responsible the KVM), signing the app...

    Thank you of any way.

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    Re: Access Point

    The mobile application may silly access the network but only in the case when it is signed.

    However, if you're developing a demo, you can edit the application settings on the mobile phone, and set either "Ask first time only" or "Always allowed" in front of the "Connectivity" or "Network access" fields.

    On the S40 platform you can access application settings by selecting Options > App. access > Communication > Connectivity or Network Access

    On the S60 it's a little bit different, and you should use the Application Manager from Tools, but principles are the same.

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