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    How can I get the "uid" of 6131 ?


    I am trying to get the uid (same as the one on a mifare card) of the 6131 to enable phone identification and exchang data between two phones (not only phone and card).
    Could anyone help me on this ?

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    Re: How can I get the "uid" of 6131 ?


    here is a code for reading the uid of the internal mifare 4k card.

    String uri = System.getProperty("internal.mf.url");
    MifareStdConnection std_conn = (MifareStdConnection)Connector.open(uri);
    byte[] serial = std_conn.getUID();


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    Re: How can I get the "uid" of 6131 ?

    if you are looking for communications between phones, check this thread:


    Alex_Polt provides a good example of how to do it.

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