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Thread: E62 issues

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    E62 issues

    1) How do I delete screensaver from the phone that I no longer want?

    2) How do I remove the ISP provider splash screen from the phone?

    3) How do I expand my photo to fill the entire screen when I set it as wallpaper instead of the unit compressing it and only showing on 75% of the screen?

    Any assistance would be much appreciated

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    Re: E62 issues

    1. you un-install it.
    2. you dont'.


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    Re: E62 issues

    3. You create a theme on a PC using Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition which you can download from here ( http://forum.nokia.com ), or on the phone with the Theme DIY app ( http://my-symbian.com/s60v3/software...Auto=223&faq=1 ) or via http://www.ownskin.com

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