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    NFC Virtual Card Data


    May i know if i write data to a card on the 6131 emulator, does the data retain after it is closed? And allow me to read back the same data after i open a new emulator?


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    Re: NFC Virtual Card Data

    If you write data to one of the virtual tags available in the emulator, you can then save your data by right-clicking on the virtual tag and choosing "Save". After this, the virtual tag will still contain the written data even if you restart the emulator.

    You can also edit the virtual tag (by right-clicking on it and choosing "Edit") and then save your data to a different data file.

    However, if you don't use the "Save" option, the tag will be empty the next time you restart the emulator.

    I hope this helps.
    Raluca Cindrea
    Helsinki, Finland

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