This post is outside s40 & s60 scope but I didn't find a suitable forum.

The OTA provisioning in 9500 communicator is too complicated from users perspective. The number of different screens that the user has to go through is too large.

In some applications authentication is required to access the jad and jar files on the server. In this case the OTA process propmts the user for credentials twice during the installation. Imagine the frustration of the user when he has written the password on the tiny 9500 keyboard and then shortly after he is forced to do the same again.

Further the user is required to search a suitable folder where the jad-files will be stored. Contrast this to Java Web Start where the user does not have to care where the application files are cached.

Finally the user is required to choose a desktop folder for the application. So from users perspective the installation requires him to point the location of the application in two "File Systems", first the location of the jar and jad and then the location of the icon. Both these steps are unnecessary in My opinion.

The process is as complicated when a version update is performed.

Please consider to simplify the provisioning process.