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    Recieving MMS on PC

    I work in a nightclub, where we currently allow the customers to send us SMS which we then display on a big screen over the dancefloor. We're using a 6210 with a serial lead into a PC with some custom software I developed which lets us select and edit messages for display.

    We would like to be able in the future to recieve photo messages from the customers which can be displayed along with their text. Would it be possible to do this in the same way (with a new MMS compaitable phone), and if so, how would I access the picture from the phone when it's recieved?

    Any help gratefully recieved.

    James Goodwin

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    RE: Recieving MMS on PC

    As far as i know, the options would be (in no particular order):

    (A) Have the messages sent to an email address and write an application to process incoming messages. Probably the easiest option to my knowledge.

    (B) Manually transfer the images and messages using bluetooth or infrared!

    (C) Setup a terminating MMS application using an API such as the Nokia MMS Java Library (from Forum Nokia) to retrieve and process the messages, in which case you wouldn't be using a phone at all, just an Internet connection to the telco. You would need an agreement with a telco to get messages giong through their MMSC to be routed to your application - might be more trouble than it's worth, depends on the processes the telco has in place for such things.

    (D) It would probably be possible to install an MMS-enabled GPRS SIM in a PCMCIA card into your PC and send the MMS messages directly to that for processing too. Application to process these would not be trivial.

    You might be able to use a phone as you have with the SMS messages, but I'm not sure.

    Anyone correct me if i'm wrong!

    Cheers, Matt

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    RE: Recieving MMS on PC

    Hi James

    My name is Leo, I live in Caracas-Venezuela and I'm trying to use the PC Connectivity SDK to send SMS messages using a Nokia 3320. The infrared connection works fine but the problem is when I try to execute this instruccion:

    Call smsObj.SendSMS(SHORTMESSAGE_ROUTE_TYPE_ANY, submitObj)

    This is the code I use to send sms messages

    On Error GoTo ErrorTrap
    Dim smsEntry As NokiaCLMessaging.ShortMessageItem
    Set smsEntry = New NokiaCLMessaging.ShortMessageItem

    Set submitObj = smsEntry.TypeProperties
    submitObj.Message = "Hola esto es una prueba"
    submitObj.DestinationAddress = "6291153"
    submitObj.OriginatorAddress = "6128321"

    Call smsObj.SendSMS(SHORTMESSAGE_ROUTE_TYPE_ANY, submitObj)

    Exit Sub

    MsgBox "Source: " & Err.Source & Chr$(10) _
    & "ErrorDescription: " & Err.Description _
    & Chr$(10) & "HelpContext: " & Err.HelpContext

    Do you have any idea of what could be wrong? Do you know any one who could help me?

    Thanks in advance for your time.



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