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    Recently, I got a new Nokia E60. Can somebody clarify these:
    (1) Can I use E61 software on E60?
    (2) In my office, there are WLAN access points, but my E60 doesn't
    detect. Is there any settings to be enabled for this ?
    (3) In the "Contacts", there is an option to add "Notes", after adding, how do I
    view this Notes. The only option I see is to "Edit" by which I can view
    this. Could this be a bug?


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    Re: E60

    1) yes, they are both S60 3rd Edition devices. Note however that the screen sizes are different and E61 has mini-qwerty keyboard, so applications specifically designed only for E61 might not behave the smoothest possible way

    2) E60 supports 802.11 b/g? Does you access point support those? If the AP is using encryption, is the used key length supported by E60?


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