Hi All,

I am trying to build my code for release build but it giving me lots of errors.

I've been trying to get this to compile for some time now, and have boiled down the problem to two lines of code that can be found in the "d32locd.h" include from Symbian 9.1's include folder.

__ASSERT_COMPILE(_FOFF(TLocalDriveCaps,iSize)%8 == 0); 
__ASSERT_COMPILE(_FOFF(TLocalDriveCapsV3,iFormatInfo.iCapacity)%8 == 0);

The error I am getting is "array bound is not an integer constant d32locd.h line 179 and 180".

This leads to the inability to create the *.o files for the Release Build, and generates a bunch of errors.

If anyone knows the solution for this problem please let me know.

Thanks a lot in advance,