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    Selecting multimedia format to record


    I have an app that records audio and take photos. When I ask for supported encodings for audio and video snapshot y list many format as pcm, or amr, and mpeg or 3gp. What I would like to know is how to select in which format it can record. How can I do this?

    Also, where I can find a description of the available parameters that can me passed to a player when recording (i.e. selecting format, audio rate, and so on).

    Thanks very much.

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    Re: Selecting multimedia format to record

    On the S60 platform, sound and video recording is supported from 2nd Edition onwards. Series 40 platform supports sound recording from 3rd Edition, FP1 onwards. Ask the mobile phone if it supports the audio and video capturing through the "supports.audio.capture" and "supports.video.capture" system properties respectivelly.

    For S60 mobile phones the default audio recording format is WAV (PCM). However, the AMR is supported as well. For S40 mobile phones the default audio recording format is AMR.

    Take a look at the video features table from Nokia: http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/reso...vid_table.html
    And the table about audio features: http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/reso...ud_table1.html

    Also check out these documents for more information:

    Mobile Media API Support In Nokia Devices: http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n..._0_en.pdf.html
    Mobile Media API Developer's Guide v2.1: http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n..._1_en.pdf.html

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