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    6210 and Windows Xp drivers

    I recently upgraded my PC to windows Xp os. I need a hard copy of 4.81 PC suite but cannot get one anywhere. The downloaded version from Nokia website will not download correctly giving "contents of this file cannot be unpacked - the executable you are trying to load has been corrupted" message. I have tried dial-up, ADSl and ISDn download and all give the same message. Despite over two hours of telephone calls today, no-one can provide a copy of this s/w on CDRom. What is worse is the lousy attitude of most Nokia helpline staff especially on the premium rate 09067547540 number. Please help - my original s/w was only version 4.6 and is not compatable with Windows XP

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    RE: 6210 and Windows Xp drivers


    You can find all available end user software for Nokia 6210 from Nokia website at http://www.nokia.com under Support pages. The support software is only available at sales package and at the website and there is no CD-Rom seperately available. There could be some problem with your browser configuration or there might be some download program that does not handle the software correctly. There should not be any problems when downloading the software from Nokia website.

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