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    Can not open application on device after install the *.sis file

    I have write an symbian application using carbide c++, and it is running ok on emulator. Then I create the *.sis file using createsis and install it to the phone. The application can be installed normally.

    But when I try to open it , the application can not be opened without any information note. Actually, when I press "open" , the application doe not give any reaction.

    Anyone gets any clue for this? Thanks very much.

    ps: I am using S60 3.0 maintenance release SDK and using N91 and N95 for test the program.

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    Re: Can not open application on device after install the *.sis file

    Most likely what happens is that the application is run, but crashes during construction, and if it crashes before any UI classes are made, you won't see anything in there really.

    Thus first check that you actually instaled all required files (resources, images etc.) and that you are using drive letters while loading them in your application. Then if it still doesn't work, you could try adding some debug-file-logging, or global notes to show you how long the application execution proceeds before it is crashing.


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    Re: Can not open application on device after install the *.sis file

    Actually you do not need to create a new thread, if an other one exists with nearly the same description in the very same section, only 2 lines lower: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=109485.

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