i am writing a little vocabulary-trainer application.

In this application, i store words in a recordstore.
One function within the programm is to delete records using a multiple
choice List.

after marking the words for deletion and pushing the "go delete"-button strange things happen:

1.) the deletion is successful (not very often)
2.) nothing happens
2.) nothing happens but the recordstore is gone
2.) other record stores are also gone

When running the application on emulators, all works fine !

Internally I do the following:

1.) read all record-ids of the recordstore in an Integer-vector
2.) read all words (=records) in a String-vector
3.) show all words in a List Box (Option MULTILE).
4.) user should mark all records which should be deleted.
5.) user pushes the "go delete" button

6.) for deletion I use a loop of deleteRecord-methods
(the record id is taken from the Integer-vector;
i choose the value with the same index as the choosen list-element)

Hope someone can help.