I am trying to develop web site for nokia mobile phone and find too time consuming. When looking for easier way, i find Microsoft PocketPC has a very good solution. Pocket IE has an setting option for 1 column view that will automatically convert a desktop webpage to a 1 column view on the device. I hope nokia will add in the 1 column view on nokia broswer and save the web developer times to modify existing website for nokia phone. It is extra important to have 1 column view in the broswer as it allows the users to easily view any website with only one button. It is never fun to view using existing nokia broswer that require left, right and down button to view a single page. Inaddition, Opera Mini also build in the 1 column view broswer.

Hope Nokia will study how user broswer website on small device such as pocketpc. At the moment, Microsoft PocketIE is more user friendly than Nokia due to the 1 column feature.