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    Can "Nokia 6131" as a reader to read SmartCard tag in ISO14443 Type-B ?

    Dear all:
    I want to use Nokia 6131 phone as a reader to read SmartCard tag in ISO14443 type-B, my target is a bank card in ISO14443 Type B and according to the 6131 userguide it should support both tag in ISO1443 A, B as well, when I move my bank card(type -B) to the 6131 there is no response but Mifare 4k card is responsing the UID back. so it confuses me whether 6131 support to read tag in ISO14443-B ?

    Please help me.

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    Re: Can "Nokia 6131" as a reader to read SmartCard tag in ISO14443 Type-B ?

    The Nokia 6131 NFC supports all NFC forum defined tags for reading and writing operations, including ISO 14443 A & B compliant tags.

    However, testing of type-B tags has been limited with the operational distance less than optimal. There may be issues in reading/writing type-B tags depending on the tag/card manufacturer.
    Raluca Cindrea
    Helsinki, Finland

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