I have recently purchased a Nokia E61i. I am mostly satisfied with this phone except for one glaring issue. The music and audio playback system leaves much to be desired. My first suggestion and biggest complaint would be the way the E61 tries to organize your music.

When uploading songs to a memory card, the folder system is left intact. The phone can easily read mp3 info tags and display all relevant information. When then attempting to play all tracks, the phone sorts them Alphabetically, instead of the much more sensical By Artist or By Album. This small change would help those users who depend on the E61 as a portable all-in-one solution to more fully accept it's musical capabilities.

The last complaint I have is lack of front panel navigation within the audio system. If the phone is locked and playing music, there is nothing one can do to change tracks except for unlocking the phone, navigating to the music system, changing tracks, selecting 'play in background', relocking the phone. I would strongly recommend impementing a system similar to the Sony Ericsson line - short press on the volume control changes volume, a long press will skip tracks. This small detail would also go a long way in adding to this phone's value.

I do realize this phone is complex and if there is any way to do some of the things I have mentioned, I would be very appreciative of any information given.

Thanks for reading