Hey guys..nid some advice and help!!.. itz urgent..

i have this problem since last week i guest..
ahm, i dont know if im gonna migrate or change my programming language being use.
i'm using j2me and trying to do an application called an message scheduler,,.obviously
it sends a message automatically in the desired Date & Time of the user,.the problem is..
i have only 2 months 2 develop the software/application, and there are lots of security
involve in using j2me, and also have to make my own messaging application and then
schedule the message..i think i guest it wud take time if i'm gonna do all does things
i've said,.now, i'm planning to migrate into symbian programming for the reason of
,hm,.accessing the drafts folder of a cellphone, cause in j2me u dont have any access
on that part of the filesystem..in symbian programming..all i have to do is to get the message
out of the drafts folder.. schedule it on the desired DT ..the walah..but im thinking
about the programming language..i dont know much of how to program in symbian c++. i had
already read some of the basics and not yet getting started into running a program..
and im thinking very very very well if im gonna migrate into symbian programming, what
do you think guys??>.>i have background and c++ and java also..and also almost forgot to
tell, i have 3 weeks allocated for studying the language and how to program on symbian c++...
i have 2 months to do the project(message scheduler) as i have mentioned earlier..
what am i gonna do..its so difficult to decide and i'm wasting my time thinking..

did you got it clear..hope someone helpz.

i'm not yet downloading the softwares needed to develop symbian app.
cause its too big..262 MB and the other one is 87MB..,hay!..whoo..