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    nokia 6230 with Pioneer P55bt radio

    I have a Nokia 6230 (not i) and bought a pioneer p55bt radio. Unfortunately i must always pair again every time i get in the car, most of the time i must first delete the old pairing.
    How could i send the phonebook? now i use visitors card but i must always first put the radio to sent phonebook,
    Finally get 3 records to the radio but when i use one, only the name is displayed but no number is dialed.

    Who uses this radio with the 6230

    Bob Walberg

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    Here, we are in the developer forum. I recommend to use the Pioneer or Nokia end-user support channels…

    I have no personal experience with this device combination, consequently, I recommend to make sure you have the latest firmware version on your Nokia (type *#0000# on the Nokia) which is V 05.50. You have to go to a Nokia support center to update it there. Be aware that all your data on your phone will be deleted so make a backup via the Nokia PC Suite component ‘Content Copier’ on a Micorosft Windows computer first. Then I recommend to contact Pioneer as they should be able to help you and/or guide you to a firmware of their device.

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