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    how to display in ceiktextlistbox?


    I've tried to fetch entries from calendar pim and display it onto a ceiktextlistbox, but yields no result. Hope someone can help me!

    void CreadCalendarAppView::FetchEntryL()
    	TInt count( iCalArray->Count() );
        if ( count )
            // Clear array. Start to index 0
    	    iCalArray->Delete( 0, count );
    	CCalIter* calIter = CCalIter::NewL(*iCalSession);
    	TBuf8<50> iterUid;
    	RPointerArray<CCalEntry> calEntryArray;
    	iterUid = calIter->FirstL();
    	if (iterUid != KNullDesC8)
    		iCalEntryView->FetchL(iterUid, calEntryArray);
    		for (TInt i = 0; i<calEntryArray.Count(); i++)
    			CCalEntry* calEntry = calEntryArray[i];
    			TPtrC description = calEntry->SummaryL();
    			HBufC* des = description.AllocL();
    			iCalArray->AppendL(*des); // is this correct?
    		iterUid = calIter->NextL();
    In ContructL():

    void CreadCalendarAppView::ConstructL( const TRect& aRect )
    	iCalArray = new (ELeave) CDesCArrayFlat(4); 
    	// Create a window for this application view
    	iListBox = new (ELeave) CAknSingleStyleListBox;
        if ( iListBox )
            iListBox->ConstructL( NULL, EAknListBoxSelectionList );
            iListBox->Model()->SetItemTextArray( iCalArray );
            iListBox->Model()->SetOwnershipType( ELbmOwnsItemArray );
            iListBox->SetListBoxObserver( this ); // set observer for list box
            iListBox->HandleItemAdditionL(); // handles item addition for list box
        SizeChanged(); // list box start from top of main pane, and at least minimum size
    	// Set the windows size
    	SetRect( aRect );
    	// Activate the window, which makes it ready to be drawn
    void CreadCalendarAppView::UpdateListBoxL()
        iListBox->SetCurrentItemIndexAndDraw( 0 );
    I could not get the text out, but it seems that the listbox is able to get the number of entries. Just that no text is shown.

    Please help me! Thanks!

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    Re: how to display in ceiktextlistbox?

    Things I can see that are wrong:

    - You aren't passing it a pointer to its parent control (passing NULL instead)
    - You aren't obeying the documented item format, from the manual "list item string format: "\tTextLabel\t0\t1" where 0 and 1 are indexes to icon array"
    - The memory for all your descriptors is leaked.
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    Re: how to display in ceiktextlistbox?

    Thanks for your reply. Sorry I'm new to this Symbian environment, so I'm really blur about the concept. Hope you can help me out further more...

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