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    E60 static IP address


    My ISP provides a connection where I need to configure static IP address on my laptop and then login to their website to access internet.

    How do I achieve this on my E60 if I use a WLAN access point to access internet?
    Can I configure static IP address on my E60 ? If yes, how ?

    And how does E60 get IP address using WLAN ? is it via DHCP ?


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    Re: E60 static IP address

    I would like to ask the same question too, except for my N80 Internet Edition phone.

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    Re: E60 static IP address

    Yes, you can configure your static IP address if you wish. This is done by IAP settings menu and by selecting the "advanced setting". Just configure the IPv4 from there. The default setting for the phone is to use DHCP.


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