I'm the guy who currently administrates the FN remote device access (RDA) setup (http://forum.nokia.com/rda) - and would like to raise a couple of questions about the devicebase. What devices / firmware-versions would you like to see in the system? Are you happy with what is offered there or would you like to see some other models there as well? What about the firmware-versions: is it enough for you to have the latest/rather recent SW (typical EURO-variant with english locale) or would you like to see also other versions or even different language variants?

Feel free to comment. If you haven't tried the service out yet, now its' a good time to start

EDIT: also listing the most recent updates to devicebase on this thread. If some the Nokia S60 device you need to test your application on is not currently included to the system, you can send me a request and I'll see what I can do. In most cases it might be possible - at least temporarily, add the requested device(/s) to the system.