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    N93 Wi-Fi only connection but no 3G

    I have a Nokia N93 and I am trying to send a file using socket.
    When I call Connector.open(socket://iport) the phone does not allow me to select 3G connection but asks me to choose only Wi-Fi access points.

    Has anyone faced the same problem?
    Is this a settings problem or J2ME?

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    Re: N93 Wi-Fi only connection but no 3G

    Are you in offline mode? Do you have a SIM card in the phone? Do you have 3G connectivity activated in the SIM card?


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    Re: N93 Wi-Fi only connection but no 3G

    Hi Hartti,

    I just found out that it was a settings problem. T-Mobile re-sent me the 3G settings and it worked

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