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    Problem viewing text in canvas

    Good day.

    I've tried to use Canvas for wiewing long text in midp application.
    I'm using drawString() method of class Graphics.

    For calculating the substring viewed horizontally a screen I'm using the method stringWidth() of class Font.
    The font is:
    Font f = Font.getFont(Font.FACE_PROPORTIONAL, Font.STYLE_PLAIN, Font.SIZE_MEDIUM);

    In some phones the rows are clipped.
    I've tried using Font.FACE_MONOSPACE and / or Font.SIZE_SMALL but with the same result.

    Debuging code I've seen that the value calculate from stringWidth() method id less than the with of the screen, but really is clipped.


    Best regards and good work.

    Stefano Errani

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    Re: Problem viewing text in canvas

    This might sound silly but it's better to be sure:
    Are you remembering to set the Font you use in the calculation as the active font for the Graphics context (ie, Graphics.setFont())?


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    Re: Problem viewing text in canvas

    Not I don't.

    Tnx a lot.

    Stefano Errni

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